Curriculum Resources

K-6 Curriculum Folders

Priority Standards, Learning Targets, Curriculum Maps/Pacing Guides and related resources for each grade level K-6 can be found in this shared Google folder. Please note that teachers have editing rights to their grade level "Shared Resources" folders (found inside each grade level content area folder). Feel free to add any resources that may be helpful to your grade level colleagues, being sure to use descriptive names.

Digital Books

A list of digital text options for teachers to use within the classroom.

MN and National Standards

Curriculum mapping helps us ensure that our curriculum is aligned to the Minnesota and/or National standards in each subject area. Click here to open a shared folder containing Minnesota or National Standards for each subject area.

Testing 1,2,3

This is an MDE resource, directly tied to MCAs. You can find test structure information, sampler items, and analysis tools. Click here to access the site.