Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant

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Innovation is something that replaces the standard product, practice, or process with something better, thus creating a new standard

- The Center on Innovations in Learning (CIL)

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What are Learning & Technology Innovation Grants?
The Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grants are designed to help teachers of Forest Lake Area Schools transform learning by providing our students with new and/or unique learning opportunities. The focus is to support innovative teaching and learning practices in the classroom by providing technology tools and professional development opportunities to make innovation possible. Grant submissions up to $2500 will be considered and may include requests for hardware, software, professional development or other technology-related resources that promote innovation to support student learning.


What do I need to know about Technology Standards and Best Practices?
The International Society for Technology in Education has developed the ISTE Standards for best practices to support learning, teaching, and leading in the 21st Century. ISTE has developed standards for students, teachers, administrators, tech coaches, and computer science educators. Click the individual standards links to learn more about each set of ISTE Standards and how they may apply to your project proposal.

SAMR is a model developed by Dr. Ruben Puentedura to help teachers infuse technology into teaching and learning with a focus on developing engaging learning opportunities that motivate students. This model enables teachers to design high level digital learning experiences by differentiating between enhancing and transforming learning with technology. Click the link to learn more about SAMR and to see examples of the SAMR levels and how they may apply to your project proposal.

What is the grant process?
Begin by reviewing the relevant ISTE Standards (linked above) and the SAMR model to familiarize yourself
with standards and best practices in technology integration. Develop your project proposal for innovative teaching and learning supported by technology, and discuss your project with the appropriate administrators and staff. Submit your proposal describing your project and articulating details as requested in the online application (linked below). Note that proposals may be submitted either by individuals or by collaborative teams.

How will grants be awarded?
The deadline to submit proposals is Monday, February 16, at midnight. All completed proposals will be reviewed by the curriculum department and the Director of Teaching and Learning, and awards will be determined based on the strength of the proposals as measured by the Innovation Grant Rubric.

Can I see a preview of the grant application requirements?
This preview of the grant application can be downloaded or viewed online in advance of beginning your grant application.

How do I submit a grant proposal?
Proposals are submitted online through the Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant application form (link below)
It is suggested that you develop your responses in a Google Doc or in Word then copy and paste your question responses into the grant application form, as grant submissions must be completed in their entirety and cannot be saved. Reviewing the grant preview (above) will help you prepare your responses and give you an idea of the amount of time required to complete the grant application.

If you have questions regarding the Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant, please feel free to contact one of the Curriculum Coordinators.

Submission Link: Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant application form

I don't look for technology that motivates kids. I look for learning opportunities that motivate kids. That's not the same thing.

- Bill Ferriter, The Tempered Radical