Following are links to online resources to support teachers in setting up and navigating Synergy TeacherVUE. Note that many of these resources are password protected and accessible only by teachers of Forest Lake Area Schools.
Online Resources

Synergy TeacherVUE Tutorials
This Vimeo album contains video tutorials to help you set up and navigate TeacherVUE and Grade Book. The album is password protected and can only be accessed by district staff. To obtain the password to access the video tutorials, FLAS staff members can refer to the Self Help section of this document or ask your school's Synergy Lead Teacher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get My Grades to Show Correctly in Grade Book?
This document explains the difference between Grade Book Score Type and Report Card Score Type and gives step-by-step directions on setting the Report Card Score Type for your classes.

What is the difference between Max Score and Points?
This 4-minute video explains the difference between Max Score and Points when creating a new assignment in Synergy Grade Book. Note that the frame at 2:55 shows a side-by-side example of the resulting grade from three assignments when all points are set to 1 vs when all points are set to match the Max Score, showing the impact each has on the student's overall grade. While the creator of that video recommends setting Points to 1; our TIES trainer recommended setting Points to match Max Score in most cases as indicated in this video beginning at frame 1:40.

What are the checkboxes at the bottom of a new assignment?
In the elementary grade book, in order for grades on an assignment to count toward an overall subject grade, Report Card Correlations must be selected when creating the assignment. If a correlation is not selected, the assignment and grades will appear in the Grade Book but will not count toward the report card grade. Click here for information on setting report card correlations.

How do I preview the elementary report card?
Log into TeacherVUE. From the Report Card menu, at the top of the screen select Students. Below the search window at the upper right, select View Report Cards. Click View next to one of the Students' names to download a pdf of the report card. (Note that the selected student's name will be on the report card and should be whited out if using as a demo for others). Alternately you could instead click Generate Blank Report Cards (below the search window) to generate a blank report card for all students in your class.

Tips for Teachers

TeacherVUE App
The EduPoint Synergy TeacherVUE App is available for iOS and Android devices. Once you download and open the app, Forest Lake Area Schools teachers should enter the full url  Click Test to be sure you entered it correctly. If it's successful, click OK, then click to close Settings. Once the url is set, you should be able to login with your username and password.

Synergy Top Ten
For an overview of some of the best features in Synergy, check out "Top Ten Things Teachers Can Do in Synergy."