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Reciprocal Teaching Videos
Following are three short videos with Lori Oczkus on Reciprocal Teaching:
Reciprocal Teaching at Work PD Study Guide
Linked here is the PD Study Guide to accompany our book study of Reciprocal Teaching at Work.

Reciprocal Teaching Resources
Linked here is a folder containing Reciprocal Teaching resources for both K-3 and 4-6 from various district PD sessions.

Reciprocal Teaching Resources from District PD Sessions

Reciprocal Teaching Workshop 6/14/17-6/15/17 
Click Here for: Copy of Presentation

Resources used for June 2017 workshop:

2. Close Reading with Paired Texts, Levels K-5 (Oczkus & Rasinski, 2015)


K-6 teachers have access to the Reciprocal Teaching at Work & Close Reading w/Paired Texts manuals at each building. Contact your principal with questions. Also, the student passages for the shared readings are available online at or within this Google Folder


Key Ideas in Reciprocal Teaching
  • Reciprocal teaching involves interactive discussion.
    • Students should be doing more interacting and discussing than writing...use written templates only as a tool to aid in their discussions.
  • The four strategies should be used together.
    • Good readers use the four strategies fluidly as they read. While you may introduce or reinforce the four strategies individually, move quickly to incorporate all four strategies.
  • Reciprocal teaching is not just for the Literacy block.
    • Use reciprocal teaching in other content areas that require reading, including social studies, science, health, etc.
  • Reciprocal teaching is more than once a week.
    • Reciprocal teaching is most effective if students participate in the strategies 2-3 times per week.

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