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Reciprocal Teaching Videos
Following are three short videos with Lori Oczkus on Reciprocal Teaching:
Reciprocal Teaching at Work PD Study Guide
Linked here is the PD Study Guide to accompany our book study of Reciprocal Teaching at Work.

Reciprocal Teaching Resources
Linked here is a folder containing Reciprocal Teaching resources from various district PD sessions.

Resources from PD with Lori Oczkus, January 2018

Online Poetry Resources:

Poetry Foundation



Protocols for Poetry: (also available in Reciprocal Teaching Resources)

Close Reading with Poetry - Lori Oczkus

Poem a Week with Fab Four - Lori Oczkus

Online Text Resources:

Newsela - Fiction and non-fiction articles available at multiple lexile levels for grades 2-12. Includes articles from a variety of content areas with many texts available in Spanish.

ReadWorks - Nonfiction and literary articles to support reading comprehension for grades K-12, including sets of Paired Texts (fiction and non-fiction) to help build vocabulary and background in close reading.

Video Links:

Videos from Lori Oczkus on Vimeo

Demo Lessons at FLE with Lori Oczkus (available to FLAS staff only) 

Key Ideas in Reciprocal Teaching
  • Reciprocal teaching is about interactive discussion.
    • Students should be doing more interacting and discussing than writing...use written templates only as a tool to aid in their discussions.
  • The four strategies should be used together.
    • Good readers use the four strategies fluidly as they read. While you may introduce or reinforce the four strategies individually, move quickly to incorporate all four strategies.
  • Reciprocal teaching is not just for the Literacy block.
    • Use reciprocal teaching in other content areas that require reading, including social studies, science, health, etc.
  • Reciprocal teaching is more than once a week.
    • Reciprocal teaching is most effective if students participate in the strategies 2-3 times per week.

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