CEU Submission Links

District Licensed Staff

All educators will submit their clock hours via the FLAS Online CEU Submission form (flaschools.org/submitCEUs). The Forest Lake CEU Committee will meet two times during the school year to approve the submitted clock hours. Hours will then be uploaded to educator’s PELSB accounts in December and May.  For more details and directions review the Google presentation or the 2-page guide.

Questions about CEUs? Please contact your CEU Committee Building Rep.

Questions about re-licensure requirements? Email pelsb@state.mn.us or call PELSB @ 651-539-4200

It is up to each educator to log into their personal PELSB account to verify and track their required hours at https://mn.gov/pelsb/current-educators/renew/ 

CEU Committee Building Reps 2021-2022

  • High School: Amber Eichten, FLAHS

  • Middle School: Katie Anderson, FLAMS

  • FLE, FV, Ed Ctr, ALC, STEP, ECFE, ECSE: Carla Buesseler, Ed Ctr/Lino

  • Lino, Columbus, Scandia: Kelli Frericks - Committee Chair, Ed Ctr

  • Linwood, Wyoming: Ann Bothun, Linwood

  • St. Peter’s School: Joleen Thordson, jthordson@school.stpeterfl.org

  • Community members/non-district staff: Hayley Lang, hlang@flaschools.org

CEU Committee Meetings 2021-2022

  1. December 7th, 2021

  2. May 17th, 2022

Mandatory Requirements

As of 2020, mandatory requirements for educator license renewal include the following:  

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies
  • Accommodations, modification and adaptation of curriculum
  • Reading Preparation
  • Understanding Key Warning Signs of Early-Onset Mental Illness
  • Suicide Prevention
  • English Language Learners
  • Cultural Competency

Beginning 2020, licensure renewals no longer include requirements for Technology or Reflective Statement.

CEU Opportunities

Looking for CEU opportunities to meet the re-licensure requirements? Check out the offerings under the Professional Development tab of this website or visit the Trainings page of the PELSB website!

CEUs from District PD Sessions

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) forms for FLAS professional development sessions can be found in the FLAS CEU Forms folder. Forms are organized by academic year and listed in chronological order; beginning with 2017-2018 building folders are also included for building-specific CEUs. Note: this folder is only accessible by district staff through your district Google Account.

Blank CEU Form

Click here for a blank and editable FLAS CEU Form in Google

Note: this is the most updated CEU form. Please discard any prior year blank forms.

FLAS Pre-Approval Travel/Work Experience Form

Educators must request prior approval of CEUs for travel or work experiences by completing a copy of the FLAS Travel/Work Experience Pre-Approval Form and submitting it to their CEU Committee member in advance of the experience for which they are requesting the CEUs.