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Digital Literacy Resources
The Digital Books Resources List
 offers multiple free online and app-based ebooks and literacy materials that can be accessed by teachers and students. Some of the resources include audiobooks and/or supplemental curriculum materials.  

Interesting Articles and Posts
By Libby Nelson
Some great fun with the history of the English language explained through infographics. 

Can Creative Writing Be Taught to You?
By Sophfronia Scott
An interesting reflection from an author as she accepts a position as a writer in an MFA program.

What Motivates A Student's Interest in Reading and Writing
From MindShift
This article is an excerpt from the book “Building a Community of Self-Motivated Learners: Strategies to Help Students Thrive in School and Beyond,” by Larry Ferlazzo. This excerpt is from the chapter entitled “I Still Want to Know: How Can You Get Students More Interested in Reading and Writing?”

Key Points:
  • Autonomy
  • Competence
  • Relatedness
  • Interesting and Valuable for Future Goals

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Multi-Level Resources for Differentiation K-12

Readworks offers a FREE high-quality library of nonfiction and literary articles, carefully curated to support reading comprehension.  
Digital.Readworks.org offers: K-12 student range, Audio texts, Paired Texts, pre-made lessons, assessment features, and student login access

To learn more visit: 

TweenTribune.com is sponsored by the Smithsonian and provides a wealth of non-fiction articles with multiple reading levels available for each article. Use the tabs to select a grade-band indicating likely areas of interest: grades 9-12 (TeenTribune), grades 5-8 (TweenTribune) and grades K-4 (TTJunior). Then scroll through the available articles and select the desired lexile level.

Newsela is a site that offers a wide variety of current events articles for students to read. Users can browse for articles by searching one of their eight categories, and many articles come with ready made quizzes. Any article can be set for lexile levels ranging from a low of 430 up to 1120 (depending on the article). If you sign up for a teacher account, you will receive daily emails highlighting articles that have been newly added based on the events of the day. They start you off with a free trial "Pro" subscription that ends after two weeks unless you want to pay a fee...the basic version, however, gives you full access to all the articles and has seemed to meet everyone's needs. 

Newsela Espanol and Elementary
Over the past year, we've created hundreds of text sets and enabled you to create thousands more. We've launched Newsela Español, with articles and quizzes in both Spanish and English at five levels, and Newsela Elementary for our youngest readers. We've made sharing and onboarding PRO subscribers easy through tools like Clever and Google Classroom. We've made the site faster, cleaner and more intuitive. And just this week, we've made it easier for you to search for and find content that's just right for you, no matter what topic you're teaching.