District PD and Resources

Number Talk
Number Talks are an effective way to help students gain a deeper understanding of math concepts. The Number Talk Resources K-6 folder contains helpful resources for getting started with number talks in your classroom. 

Online Lessons and Resources

SciMathMN Frameworks
Frameworks are resources developed to help teachers translate Minnesota state standards into classroom practice and assist in student achievement of those standards. Searchable by Standards, includes common misconceptions as well as online resources and instructional support.

Illuminations is developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and includes standards-based lessons and activities for math instruction grades PK-12.

Mangahigh is a game-based math learning site that includes video tutorials and engaging interactive games for grades 2-12. Educator accounts are free, and teachers can assign activities to groups and/or individuals and track progress. Students can earn medals for concepts mastered, and schools have the opportunity to compete in challenges with other schools from around the world.

Math activities by grade level and standard for K-5. Free to teachers and students for use during school. Teachers have the ability to lock activities to ensure that students focus on those that align with the current area of study.

Through real world examples presented in a multimedia format that kids enjoy, StudyJams! helps students understand the underlying concepts of math and science so they are better able to solve individual problems. Developed for students in grades 3-6.

Great videos on "incidental" learning...check out the playlists for thematic and seasonal videos.

Including hits like "Gettin' Triggy Wit It" and "Teach Me How to Factor"!

Video-based math tutorials organized by course and topic.

Over 3200 video-based math tutorials. Great tool for a student who misses instruction on a particular skill or objective.

Interesting mathematics-based videos.

Xtra Math is a free web-based program for math fact fluency.

Real World Math
Real World Math is a collection of math problem-solving activities for Google Earth, designed for educators and students grades 4-12. Teachers will find videos, instructional tutorials, and lesson plans for more than 30 activities for Google Earth and SketchUp.  Click the Contact tab to request a password for free access to the lesson plans.

Talking Math With Your Kids focuses on younger students and offers a lot of great ideas for activities to engage students in math conversations. If you look under Posts you'll see some categorized by math topic including Number, Measurement, Operation, etc. The author, Christopher Danielson, was involved in starting the Math-On-A-Stick activity space at the Minnesota State Fair.

Math In the News

Dan Meyer Speaks on Perplexity, CUE 2014

Resources from Dan Meyer

Links to resources referenced during Dan's CUE 2014 keynote

Background on Teaching the Three Act Math Tasks

Dan's Three-Act Math Tasks


Woodbury teachers blend standards with humor to help students retain knowledge over the summer. Read the article in the StarTribune or click the link above to view the site.

Social Media Connections Worth Following

Mr. Meyer's Math Blog
Thought-provoking ideas and perspectives on math education from Dan Meyer, a former high school math teacher and current doctoral student at Stanford University. Watch Dan Meyer's TED Talk.

Tips and tutorials on using Geogebra in the classroom.

Playlists of videos covering all areas of math.

This website is dedicated to helping parents support their children’s mathematical development, but it includes many great ideas for use in the primary grades. 

Math Twitter Hashtags for Teachers


Blogs that Promote Math Talk

Would You Rather?
Open-ended math problems that get students make a choice and justify their reasoning.

Estimation 180
Building number sense through estimation in real life situations.

Start with the base pattern to solve these problems

Images to generate math conversations