2015 Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant Recipients

CONGRATULATIONS to our Spring 2015 Grant Recipients!

The Curriculum and Technology departments are proud to announce the recipients of the 2015 Forest Lake Learning & Technology Innovation Grant! Grant recipients will present methods and progress/results of their project proposals to appropriate audiences during fall in-services.

Val Beckman, Ashley Erpelding, and Brent Kolbow; Southwest Junior High $2500
As a department, we are committed to finding creative ways to provide our students with real-world language experiences that allow our students to develop a deeper understanding of language and culture. By having access to Chromebooks in our department, students will be able to collaboratively interact and publish pieces of work with peers in the target language. Students will develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures. Project Update, Fall 2015

Elizabeth Baxter; Forest View Elementary $1873
Students will use technology to create and maintain a math e-portfolio to demonstrate mastery of specific grade level learning targets. Each student will share their e-portfolio with teachers and parents as a way to establish communications about their level of understanding in mathematics. From year to year, the e-portfolio will travel with the students to bridge instruction and help to provide personalized instruction. Project Update, Fall 2015

Integrating iPads into Math 7 Teaching
Kerry Trnka and Terri Houle; Century Junior High $1284
The goal of the project is to increase student engagement by allowing more student participation in class and allow the teacher to access more students during class. This project will integrate iPad technology into the math classroom to achieve higher student engagement and achievement. We will be using iPads to allow teachers to efficiently and anonymously post student work for the students to review. The iPad will also allow teachers to control and write on the SMART board while walking around the room checking student work and progress. Project Update, Fall 2015

iPads for Inquiry
Kelly Duncan; Scandia Elementary $2500
I propose to purchase 6 iPads for use in my classroom. These will be available full time to my students allowing for multiple applications of the ISTE standards. As an IB World school, with an emphasis on inquiry based learning and international education, having access to these additional iPads will provide access to information when and as needed. Project Update, Fall 2015

SMART Board for Early Learners
Cheryl Smoczyk, 
Robin Bigelow Anderson, Anna DeRaad, Ruth Endthoff, Jill Meyer, and Sara Sauter; CLC Early Childhood $2500
We want to purchase and install a SMART Board for preschool classrooms at the CLC in order to provide a technology experience to enhance student learning in an interactive, engaging and educational way. SMART Board use in preschool will provide real life visuals and interactive experiences contributing to language, literacy, cognitive, math, and physical development. Project Update, Fall 2015

Third Grade Research Project

Andrea Schulte and Jessica Gosiak; CME $2300
Third grade students will have the opportunity to do a research based learning project using Chromebooks. Students will learn research skills, along with enhancing knowledge in social studies. Third grade will be exposed to Google programs such as Drive and Slides. 

Photo credit:  http://www.technologyfromideas.com/

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together & motivating them, the teacher is the most important

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