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Jo Boaler (Mathematical Mindsets) TEDx talk & youcubed.org

posted Mar 23, 2017, 12:58 PM by hleigh@flaschools.org
Jo Boaler's recent TEDx emphasized the need for creativity and visual learning in order to bring inspiration to math instruction. See this 3 minute video on "Solving the Math Problem.

Jo Boaler's website, youcubed.org, has a wealth of resources and tasks to inspire and engage students in math. 

Below are a few highlights from youcubed.org: 

Week of iMath tab
"Week of Inspirational Math" is a weeklong set of lessons to inspire students to engage positively with math. This article gives a little more information. There are currently two weeks of iMath available on the youcubed.com website under the Week of iMath tab.  

Ideas & Tasks tab
Under Tasks you can choose a concept and a grade, then select a task...the tasks that need specific handouts have them available for download as a pdf. Also under this tab there are many other great resources to explore, including Making Group Work Equal, and the Mindset Card and the Positive Classroom Norms Poster from the Growth Mindset page. 

Courses tab
On the Online Courses page there is a free course called How to Learn Math that you can try out to see how mindset can be changed through math instruction. There is also an online self-paced course called How to Learn Math for Teachers that looks excellent (elementary teachers will see a connection with Number Talks). This course would take approximately 30 hours to complete, but may be worthwhile if a group wanted to tackle it together between now and fall. 

**MARCH 2017-APRIL 2017**
5-12 Math Teachers: If you are interested in registering in the above course please email Diane Giorgi dgiorgi@flaschools.org to express your interest.  If 5 or more register, there may be an opportunity to have registration fees covered.  Also, if you complete the course you may earn up to 30 CEU hours.