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SMART Notebook 15-What's New?
This video provides a quick look at some of the new features in SMART Notebook 15.

Notebook 2015-Lesson Activity Builder
Make the most of limited preparation time with SMART Notebook Lesson Activity Builder. New in 2015, SMART Notebook LAB allows anyone to quickly and easily create fun, captivating learning games & activities in under 5 minutes.

Notebook 2015-Concept Mapping
SMART Notebook 2015 introduces Concept Mapping, a powerful visual tool for a variety of grades and subjects. Easily create a concept map in class by typing, writing, or adding photos right into your SMART Notebook page.

SMART Notebook Maestro for iPads
SMART Notebook Maestro is an add-on for your classroom’s iPad. Bridge your classroom technology together and interact with content to conduct collaborative SMART Notebook lessons with an interactive display and a single iPad from anywhere in the classroom.

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SMART Classrooms YouTube Channel
SMART Classrooms YouTube channel provides tips & tricks as well as tutorials and classroom applications for SMART Notebook software and SMART Technologies.

Search here for SMART lesson resources by subject, grade and file type. Use the Standards Aligned tab to drill down for resources aligned to specific standards and benchmarks, Minnesota academic standards included.

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