Google Forms

Google Forms Tutorial
This tutorial by Anson Alexander gives clear directions on how to create and send a Google Form. Click here for more Google Tutorials by Anson Alexander on YouTube.

Everything you need to know about creating and using Google Forms in the classroom, including for gathering contact information, surveying students/parents, delivering formative assessments, etc.

Google Forms-Advanced
If you're already comfortable with Google Forms, check out 10 Advanced Tips & Tricks for Google Forms.

Google Forms for Grading
Learn how to set up Google Forms to automatically grade your quizzes in How To Use Google Forms to Create Your Own Self-Grading Quiz.

Automatically Closing Forms at a Set Time
Learn how to use the FormLimiter script to set time limits on Form responses.

Inserting Video into Google Forms
Videos can be embedded in Google Forms to add content and context to the questions.