Special Education: K-9 STEM resource

STEM Resource for K-9 Special Education Teachers

Ablenet: www.ablenetinc.com

Elementary & Junior High teachers have access to both hard copy and digital STEM kits.  Both kits are supplemental classroom libraries developed to support literacy instruction using non-fiction topics in math and science. The libraries provide both print and online access to 60 unique titles that are differentiated for students with mild, moderate, or severe disabilities. Students use the libraries to connect math and science concepts with real-life math and science examples.

Quick Overview Videos:

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What is included with the STEM digital edition?

  • Student e-books at three levels of differentiation [Level 1, 2, and 3] Student literacy activities at three levels of differentiation [Level 1, 2, and 3]

  • Student assessments to capture student progress on content, vocabulary, and literacy skills at three levels of differentiation

  • Teacher’s guides

  • Classroom posters for use with interactive whiteboards

  • Guided reading levels for each e-book as well as the titles for both Math and Science

  • See additional kit details.



If yes, see the steps below to set up your ‘Members Only’ account:

  1. Log into www.ablenetinc.com

  2. Select: Resources

  3. Register for an account. Use your school email & create a password

  4. Once your account is set-up and you are logged in, follow the next steps below

    1. Select: Focus on Stem (under the Members Only column)

    2. Enter ISBN number from your ‘Teachers Guide’.

Use any of the Teacher’s Guides within the 6 kits. It is located on the first page on the bottom left corner. Enter all 13 digits, DO NOT enter spaces or dashes.  Example: 9780837481708

Have questions? Use the EMAIL HOTLINE, curriculum@ablenetinc.com